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Hazel DOONEY (b.1978) - COCK
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COCK, 1999

50 x 100 cm

High Gloss enamel on canvas; Signed & Dated lower left; From the 'Accoutrement of Desire' Series.

Provenance: Private collection.


"If there is a consistent flaw in my early work, it is that I hadn't yet
committed to the elemental conceptuality of the work. I was fighting
it, to-ing and fro-ing between thinking of myself as a traditional painter
– committed to subjective, self-expressive, well-crafted representational
work – and something a lot less easily defined, a multi-disciplinary
provocateur for whom painting was just one of several means to an end.
And the end is getting people to think beyond the work in front of them,
beyond the alluring material of their hyper-mediated consumerist culture,
and recognise what they've lost of themselves." - Hazel Dooney

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